foreverfitness PWR! MOVES


Wednesday 4:30–5:30pm


St. James Episcopal Church
3207 Montana Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45211

foreverfitness PD programs are designed to bring the latest and best research regarding Parkinson’s and exercise to our community through group classes and custom personal fitness training. foreverfitness emphasizes the importance of early intervention and continuous access to research-based exercise approaches that target the unique physical, emotional and cognitive challenges for individuals living with PD.

The classes offered by foreverfitness are designed for those who have minimal to moderate levels of disease severity.

foreverfitness formats their programs carefully to:

  • Target PD-specific movement deficits

  • Improve function

  • Improve mood

  • Improve quality of life

  • Reduce risk of falls

Classes are part of the Parkinson’s Wellness and Recovery (PWR) PWR! MOVES and PWR! CIRCUIT national exercise programs developed by Dr. Becky Farley, a leading expert in the field of exercise and PD.


Contactl Sarah Palmer.