2018 Team Standings

Awards for most dollars and most members are based on results as of midnight Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

Top Teams by Dollars Raised

  1. Walking Warriors Total* $26,174

    • Jakki's Walking Warriors $17,374

    • Chris Chaney $8,800

  2. Engel's Angels $10,500

  3. Star Striders $8,897

  4. Rhonda's Recruits $5,544

  5. Hanshi's Heroes $2,737

  6. Rick's WalkAide Team $2,470

  7. Buzzin' for Bee $2,037

  8. Graydon $1,904

  9. Beverly's Hillbillies $1,825

  10. Meyer Flyers $1,366

Top Teams By Participants

  1. Star Striders 96

  2. Walking Warriors Total* 60

    • Jakki's Walking Warriors 35

    • Chris Chaney 25

  3. Rhonda's Recruits 39

  4. Rick's WalkAide Team 35

  5. Buzzin' for Bee 34

  6. Engel's Angels 33

  7. John's Journey 27

  8. Meyer Flyers 25

  9. GO DADDY GO 21

  10. Snag's Snails 21

*The totals for Jakki's Walking Warriors and Chris Chaney are additive, since Chris Chaney is a sub-team of the Warriors.

Friends and family teams are the core that makes Steady Strides a financial success and a truly communal gathering. Joined by a common connection to Parkinson Disease, these groups come together to assure that the support services so vital to a full and active life are available to their loved ones. Teams take on their own personalities and make sure to include fun as a focus of the day. And they can get pretty competitive when it comes to number of participants and funds raised.

Support for the teams frequently ranges beyond immediate, even extended, families and circle of friends. Teams solicit sponsors from their communities and across their social media groups as well. This raises awareness and grows financial contributions.

The first step is to register for the race and to start a team. Team captains are supported by the Steady Strides Race Committee and will be contacted by the committee to assist in recruiting.



The Ingrid Fabian Memorial Trophy

The Ingrid Fabian Memorial Trophy is given on race day to the team with the highest fundraising total. Ingrid Fabian was a dedicated and beloved volunteer of the Parkinson's Wellness Chapter. She was committed to the success of the Chapter and it's mission to help those with Parkinson's not only cope with the disease, but live well.

Steady Strides Spirit Award

The Steady Strides Spirit Award will be given to the team with the most creative team t-shirt and race day spirit. We want to see your creative sides come out!

Largest Team Award

We're talking numbers here! The team with the highest number of participants will be recognized and awarded on race day. Start calling your friends and family and recruit them for your team!